Alan Hightower

Alan is an expert in low level hardware and software devices. He has worked at companies such as Panasonic where his experience covered in-vehicle infotainment systems and advanced driver assistance systems. Alan has also worked with low level solutions for satellite/set top box receivers and much more. He has deep experience with HDL, low level OS drivers, hardware abstractions, PCB layout and design, firmware development and high level application software. Alan has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Flash Corliss

Flash is President of Flash Automation, Inc. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Robotics and Embedded Firmware design from Southern Polytechnic State University in 1992. Flash worked at IBM before founding his own computer company built around the needs of small business. Flash has engineered solutions for clients including OXY, BSA, IBM, and Georgia Tech. In his spare time, Flash is active in the Scouting, Maker, and FIRST movements. He serves as Executive Flight Director for the Red Shed Robotics group; a small collective of young engineers who learn electronics and engineering skills from the ground up while executing NASA style rover missions. Flash is also honored to be the Vice President of the Atlanta Historical Computing Society. He currently lives in Mableton, Georgia with his wife, 2 children, and countless vintage computers.

Mark McJunkin

Mark focuses on use of modern tools and craft in his career and in the classroom. Mark sees product through to the market place and believes designers must be well versed in design, engineering technology, fabrication and business in order to compete. His practical approach is born of 20 years of local Georgia industry experience. Mark has built and operated his own computer numeric controlled (CNC) shops for customers and has also operated a few for the university. Currently Mark entertains one outside consulting customer at a time and is pursuing active learning and building of sustainable housing as a personal passion. Mark holds a BFA Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University 1994. He is also a Kickstarter veteran with a history of successful campaigns.

Andriy Voznytsya

Andriy is a 25 year veteran with deep experience in managing, researching, designing and developing low level software projects in the multimedia and telecommunication industry. Andrew has developed and implemented several solutions for technologies such as XMPP, VoIP, WebRTC, MPEG-4, OpenFire and others – both at the software and firmware level. He is also an expert in kernel level development on Windows and Android. Recently Andrew has focused on firmware development on platforms such as Nordic and others. Andrew has a diploma in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science, Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Jonathan Zufi

Jonathan is a seasoned technology executive with over 30 years experience in software and hardware. Highly regarded by customers, team members and executive peers for being visionary, a mentor, and able to think outside the box, Jonathan is a champion of collaboration with customers and colleagues alike. He is the author of ‘ICONIC: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation’, a self-published 350 page photography book that showcases the history of Apple products for the last 40 years. See more at In 2002, Jonathan received the Pearcey Award, one of the Australian government’s highest awards for I.T. innovation for pioneering achievement and contribution to research and development within the IT industry. He received his Bachelor of Computing (with honors) from the department of Robotics and Digital Technology at Monash University in Melbourne. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and two children.

Special Mentions

A special thanks to the team at Offworld Design + Motion for taking us back to Liberty Island through their incredible Kickstarter video.

Huge thanks to Uri Avi for composing the awesome track to our Kickstarter video. You can hear more of Uri’s work here.

Thanks to Melly Wirtes and artist, student and entrepreneur Chloe Strickland for making the Lifeclock One come alive with the gorgeous style shots taken at the Atlanta Goat Farm.

A very warm thank you to Greg Best of Atlanta’s Ticonderoga Club, one of the countries most talented and respected mixologists and restauranteurs, as well as photographer extraordinaire Vegas Giovanni.


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